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Massage Therapy


Custom Massage



Our custom massage services are tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are seeking general relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction, pain relief, improved mobility or something in-between we will use a variety of modalities to accomplish your goals.

Whether you'd like Swedish massage for a lighter touch, deep tissue, relaxation or have a specific area of concentration this is the all-encompassing therapeutic massage.

Facial massage



This one is a special service for our massage guests. Add a facial massage to your massage booking. This includes a double cleanse with hot towel removal, massage and moisturizer.

CBD Massage



If you're feeling especially tense or sore, this may be the addition you're looking for. Using a locally sourced CBD oil or body butter, this service infuses the benefits of CBD while we use a combination of therapeutic massage modalities leaving you feeling lighter and less stressed both physically and mentally.

Hot Stone Massage



This specialty massage turns up the heat using hot stones to relax the massaged tissues beneath them. This type of massage has a slower pace and lighter touch to allow for the heat to penetrate into the deep into the muscles promoting relaxation and release of tension. The combination of heat and massage can help alleviate muscle stiffness, reduce stress and anxiety, promote better sleep, and improve overall wellbeing.

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