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Sweater Weather Skincare: Swaps for fall skincare

As the temperature drops and warm layers come out of storage, it's time to also switch up your skincare for sweater weather. Here are some simple fall skincare swaps to help your complexion feel cozy and survive the season:

-Swap light moisturizer for a richer cream or balm. One way to lock in moisture is to layer your products. For those with extra dry skin, use your favorite moisturizer then layer a heavier and thicker moisturizer over top of it. Look for occlusives like shea butter or lanolin to lock in hydration. Pro tip: acne prone people sometimes flair up with excessive use of occlusive products/ingredients. When trying occlusive products for the first time try layering in the evening using a very thin layer.

-Exchange your gel cleanser for a milky version. Creamy formulas won't strip your natural oils as harshly as gel could.

Fun fact: Gel cleaners work well for those with acne and some other skin conditions. In general, cream cleanser work well for those with dry or dehydrated skin types year-round.

-Use a humidifier at night to match summer moisture levels indoors.

When I had a wood burning or pellet stove heating my home, I would keep a pot of water on top to help with humidity.

-Apply moisturizer within 3 minutes of bathing while skin is still damp for maximum absorption. This is a great way to seal in the hydration already in your skin.

-Swap toner for a hydrating essence and/or serum before moisturizer for extra nourishment. Fun fact 2: Essences are really popular and common place in Kbeauty practice. Serums are similar and are more commonly used in American and European skincare. Both are great options.

-Protect hands with gloves during cold walks and a thick hand cream at night.

As a massage therapist and skincare professional, I wash my hands constantly. If I don't use my overnight gloves, my hands would be leather. Pro tip 2: fingerless gloves make this easier to incorporate into your nightly routine because you can still use touch sensitive devices. Inexpensive cotton gloves can be cut with craft scissors in less than 60 seconds.

With a few simple swaps, your skin can stay soft beneath your sweaters all season long.

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