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The facial: Luxury or...

The facial is one of those services that, by many, seems like a luxury. Now, in all fairness, I am in no way saying a facial is ranked higher than food and water on the survival scale, but it is entirely less frivolous than some may think. Similar to massage, a facial is a tool to improve the condition of the tissues being worked on. The skin of the face, neck and décolleté (an industry term used for the neckline and upper chest derived origin: French ) and its underlying anatomy would be the target areas. Fun fact: the skin is the largest organ of the human body. Yet, in our day to day lives we don't always treat is as such. This is why the facial is such a wonderful service. Yes, it does feel wonderful but when done correctly, it can help maintain or improve the integrity of the skin. UV, environmental factors, health problems, diet and so many other things can affect our skins health. By getting regular facials, you can help protect your skin by maintaining a strong healthy barrier against the elements. In the process, issues like redness, discoloration or hyperpigmentation, acne, dry or oily skin and aging can be addressed. And who here doesn't like a good multitask? All of this is to say, if you're new to the skin care game and don't quite know how to feel about it, seeing a skin care professional or Licensed Esthetician (aesthetician: same thing, english spelling) is never a bad idea. They can evaluate your skin and address any concerns you may have. They also can give you recommendations on products that will benefit you and your individual needs. It's a lot easier to figure out what you need or want when there's an expert to guide you through the journey. So if you're still with me, here are my takeaways... 1. Skin care can be frivolous, but shouldn't be viewed as sheer luxury.

2. Skin health is just as important as your teeth. If you're not interested in skin care at all and have no desire to learn anymore, at least get a yearly screening with a dermatologist. Skin cancer can happen to anyone and regular screenings can make all the difference.

3. If you want to stay young like us vampires walking about: drink your water, see your "esti bestie" and dermatologist on the reg and for the love of all that is sacred wear your SPF. (&yes, I'm also talking to you my sun worshippers. It's not just us pearlescent vampires that need sun protection.)

Have more questions? Send me an email and I'll address it in a future blog post.

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